Projectplace exposes some of its data through an Application Programming Interface (API). These documents are the official documentation of that functionality.

The Projectplace API is a RESTful inspired HTTP interface to the features provided by the Projectplace platform. It allows third-party developers to develop their own Projectplace applications.

The below protocols used for user authorization and application identification

1. OAuth - Read more about our OAuth implementation.

2. OAuth2 - Read more about our OAuth2 implementation.

Getting Started

To get started developing against our APIs you will have to be a registered Projectplace user as well as registered as a Projectplace third-party developer.

Step 1 - Getting a Projectplace account

If you do not already have an account you can create one here together with a thirty day trial of our Team Edition package.

Step 2 - Become a Developer

To become a projectplace developer, it is as simple as creating an application using our API Console.

You can try out API calls directly in the API Console. You will also find a version of the console embedded on this site like this:

+ API Console Full screen

Step 3 - Dive into the documentation

You can find the documentation via the "APIs" menu above.

These are the areas that we have so far published.

Manage your applications

Manage your applications in the API Console. The menu is found in the upper right corner.

Ask questions and get support

You have several options for getting support for your API implementation questions.

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